When 150% zoomed, text changes


I’ve noticed that when I view my creative zoomed-in (125% or 150%) the font is displayed weirdly.
One pixel lines are moved and words appear to be wrapped differently then in 100%.

(above the 1 pixel lines are moved, the right title is ok, but the text in the left button doesn’t fit - the last letter is on a new line) )

(above the right title doesn’t fit anymore and the last word is on a new line, however the text in de left button fits now)

I’m working on a Macbook Pro retina 15 inch and view the creative at a Dell U2715H display (2560x1440px).
I think it’s a bug, or is there something I have to adjust in the settings?

The zoom adjustment closely mirrors what would happen if you zoomed in while using Safari while viewing your exported document. While I can see that it's not giving you a perfect zoom based on how the contents appears at 100%, it can help you identify text-wrapping issues. The accurate pixel-based dimensions of elements like your button will zoom in more accurately in Safari and in Hype's scene. Content like text (with line heights that do not zoom correctly sometimes) will show some issues. One way to resolve this with your text is to set a line height in the text inspector for your button, or remove the padding on the button to give the text a bit more room to breathe.

OK, I will try the lineheight fix. A more reliable display of the zoomed content would be more user friendly I think.
In my case I thought that my textbox was too small and adjusted it multiple times for different creatives, while instead the appearance of Hype’s scene wasn’t correct.