What's the difference between tumult store and education store?

(wanjun) #1

I bought the hype2 from the stack social bundle,and today I upgrade it to hype3,I want’t to upgrade it to the pro edition from the IAP, what’s the difference between buying from tumult store and education store?

(Alfons Salmhofer) #2

In the Tumult store you buy the regular or full licensed application. This license allows full use, including commercial use, meaning you can earn money with the product you have developed with Hype.

The education store is for training and education facilities as well as for students (usually graphic design, web design, application development etc.). They can download a much discounted application for the sole purpose of learning different graphic design applications. The application is exactly the same, however, the license is different and will limit the user to learning and practicing (or even producing something for non-commercial purpose). The license usually does not allow commercial use. This justifies also the discounted price. To get a student teacher licensed application, someone may need to prove eligibility.

Hope this clarifies the issue a bit.


This is not true – our education store is for teachers or students currently enrolled or teaching at an educational institution. After the purchase is made we don’t assume any restrictions over the nature of what the student or teacher creates in Hype.

(Alfons Salmhofer) #4

Oh OK. I stand corrected!

Thanks clarification Daniel!

(wanjun) #5

ok,thanks~ I’m going to upgrade it to pro

(wanjun) #6

There’s a problem when I choose the tumult store to buy:it always hint "first name is wrong"error,I’m in china and set the country as china, It just can’t continue no matter write the adress in chinese or english.

(wanjun) #7

this problem has already fixed