What's the best way of packaging a Hype document as a presentation to be distributed around a company?

I’m working on an interactive roadmap style presentation with links to external documents and multiple scenes including quizzes, embedded videos etc. The client would prefer a single document rather than and HTML file with resource folder becasue up until now I’ve been supplying them with interactive PDFs.

Some ideas:

  • Put it on a server with a htaccess password protection.
  • Make a PWA and set the resources to be cache locally
  • Make it a ZIP (it’s one file, at least while distributing it)
  • Package it with electron into an app container (requires some JS knowlege, https://electronjs.org/ and an easy intro with https://www.electronforge.io/)

The easiest is if the files and html can be placed on a shared server that anyone with access/permissions can open a link in the browser and the pages will load from.

The shares will need to be mounted on the mac or pc.
The links will differ for Mac and PC.

i.e Mac



If they have Google drive /accounts then you can use Google Appscript and Google API.
You then have a link that creates a html page using you Hype document export data.
And uses the google security API for permissions for users.

This is very involved and although there are ways to upload and read the files into the Appscript directly , the better way is to actually copy the html and js files data into appscript code files.

See, even trying to explain that bit breaks down.
And not sure I would have time to do a tutorial…?.

What device/OS will they be running on?

(To be honest it may be easier to change their mind about this requirement, as the world of the web is one with multiple files and anything else is fighting against the grain.)