What Triggers the use of Waypoint.js in Hype

@Jonathan, I want to know what are some of the things we do in hype depends on waypoint.js do you have a specific list?

I just noticed, ‘Enter on Viewport’ and ‘Exit on Viewport’ is depended on waypoints.js?

What else is there that is depended on waypoints.js? I know that by using physics in hype invokes matter.js or its depended but I don’t know what triggers waypoints?

The reason for my asking is, I want to know in advance, because hype doesn’t alert its users that waypoints.js is being added.

Update: Looking at the documentation its only added when ‘Enter & Exit’ Viewport anything else?

Correct, the HYPE-XXX.waypoints.min.js file is only included if you have an On Enter or Exit Viewport action.

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