What software do you use for element creation?

Hi all,

This is my first post and I have started using Hype today! I am not experienced with digital illustration and have mainly been toying with ipad first apps such as Concepts. I like drawing on my ipad.

So what tools do experienced Hype creators use to create vector images with? I assume most pros use the Adobe tools.

I guess I am curious as to whether any serious digital creators do ipad only element creation or am I dreaming with regard to quality I will get? I will no doubt find out myself!

Thanks for your comments.

Sketch but also Adobe Illustrator for svg

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Thanks for that. I watched this earlier. The SVG updating is cool. Hype picks up changes made in any program to that SVG by the looks.

We work on both systems… so my boundaries are sadly that Hype is not usable on a windows system.
If so we would habe bought more licences. Now it is just me.

Soon Affinity Designer comes to windows. That will be great.
But mostly Adobe software atm. It has a very complete package. Just don’t like the Pay_per_Month system.

I am lacking a cool Gif animation program. Not so complex like AfterEffects and Photoshop is lacking easing and compressing.

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Working on Win and OS X at work, so naturally the Adobe package is set up here. I’m using Win at home, would love to use Hype there. Maybe someday that’s possible, then I’ll get another license :smile:

Like @Bendora stated, Affinity Designer (& Photo) was finally announced for windows. They’ll soon start a beta program. I tried out the demo on Mac. Everything is well thought out, it’s compatible with adobe project files, making it possible to ditch the Adobe programs, at least photoshop and possibly illustrator. You may want to have a look at these, since it comes at an affordable price and no monthly subscription.

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I haven’t checked out affinity designer … I cant tell if they are working on an ipad app or not.

Hmm Hype on ipad ?