What kind of a dev help to look for?

My question is what requirements should I set up when I start looking for an HTML5 educational game developer's help. What kind of a programmer I have to look for to make it happen within Hype? Would the knowledge of vanilla JS be fairly enough to build game functions that will work in Hype to produce fully functional HTML5 games? Should I require other additional knowledge, e.g. the knowledge of Hype API @jonathan @Daniel etc.?

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what is your aim?
do you want to do parts of a game yourself or should a 'dev' do the whole part?

@MaxZieb did some work on extensions that may be helpful on adding some logic to Hypebehaviors

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Hi Hans @h_classen
Thank you for your reply! I would like to get help in developing of various memory games, drag-n-drop puzzles based on examples you've been published, and also different variations of a maze game with extended features, as well as highly popular wordle games. My own input is limited to layout work and visuals, though to some extend I am capable of reading /tweaking of existing commented JavaScript functions.

Vanilla JS is fine, but I'd look for someone who has done some games specifically if possible, since it is a whole specific domain.

Also given the types of games you want to make and Hype integration, I'd look for someone who specifically has knowledge with very specifically interacting with the DOM (instead of stuff like React). This is semi implied in "vanilla" but I'd guess a lot of developers who have only done React think they qualify since it sounds like a step down.

The Hype API itself isn't much to learn, but to understand it you'd have to have knowledge of how Hype works. While this can be learned, the experience of deciding when to use symbols vs. scenes vs. timelines vs. various type of elements isn't the type of thing you can read in documentation. But, perhaps that's a part you can help on.


Thank you @jonathan for clarifying this! Now the direction of hiring the right dev forces is mostly demystified.

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