What is the right way to make a circle round animation

I am trying to create an animation, here is example of a GIF file.

but I want those ellipses appear in the center of the circle, and move to the edge of a circle, and then disappear. and I attached the document in this topic.

it looks simple, but I have two question here:

1# if make full circle animation, it seems I have to duplicate a lot of the group of ellipses, and the response of My MAC pro will become delay. So I am just wonder whether this is right way to do that animation?

2# the Reason I would like to do animation in HYPE but not using gif format images, is that the file size with GIF is really big. so, is there still advantage to make that animation with HYPE?


cricle from inside to outside.hype.zip (355.5 KB)

This is more a suggestion rather than the right way. Also I do think doing this with only native Hype elements is hard.

The only way I found to stop the CPU/Fans going up is to use display hidden/visible.

I tried expanding sizes and although that works it eats cpu.

So this simple example shows dotted ellipses being display coming on. The work from the bottom layer up. each layer has fill. This saves on adding animation to un display them as the next on on top hides the ones below.

Now although I just used dotted bordered ellipses you could try and use images the work in the same way.

wave_1.hype.zip (20.7 KB)

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Wow, cool, and smart way! :smile:

I am on the way, and will check detail later, and will let you know soon if there is question.