What is the difference between PhoneGap, Cordova, and Ionic?

Hey guys

Kindy share your views about the difference between PhoneGap, Cordova, and Ionic.

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Capital P, Capital C and Capital I ?

One has 8 letters, the other 7 and the last one 5?

Seriously though, any search in google will get you the information that you want. :slight_smile:

Just to sum it up though

"Cordova is the community powered version of PhoneGap, which is Adobe’s productized version and ecosystem on top of Cordova. Ionic uses Cordova not PhoneGap for our core tools.

Cordova is both a low-level native app to browser API, and a set of default plugins that provide simple features to your Cordova apps in the spirit of simple browser APIs.

Cordova can do pretty much anything a native app can do, it just needs the right plugins that send the right data to your web code. We need more developers building these generic plugins, and we will continue to see more of them over time.

Oh, and Cordova is awesome and we love it here at Ionic!"

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