What is the best solution to trigger an animation within each individual element of a slideshow?


My attached « test_gallery.hype.zip » is in french but it doesn’t matter for the demo.

I created a simple gallery of geometric figures animation (some sort of slideshow left to right direction).
I have a timeline animation (Galerie) for that purpose.

I want to trigger the plus button within each figure along the Galerie timeline.
So, I also have individual timelines for each figure (rectangle, cercle, ellipse) for that.

Those animations are working fine individually, but I cannot figure the sequence of actions to make it work altogether.

After several tries with no avail, I prefer to ask more talented people for help.

Many thanks.


test_gallery.hype.zip (114.5 KB).

Would this be what you want?

test_gallery-vDBear.hype.zip (119.2 KB)


Hi DBear,

I cannot believe it was so simple !

Thanks a lot bro.

Hope it helps more beginners like me.