What is the backward compatibility of HYPE-466.full.min.js and HYPE-466.thin.min.js libraries?


I’ve been familiarizing myself with Hype 3. I see upon export, the following files runtime files are included in the ‘.hyperesources’ directory:


In order to optimize for file size I’m hosting these common libraries on a server that will result in cdn caching. Then I’m modifying the “_hype_generated_script.js” file to reference the server copy of the common library instead of a relative file. I’d like to know if there are earlier versions of Hype runtime libraries that I would also be able to host in a central location?

Additionally, is the most current version (at the moment, HYPE-466) intended to be backward compatible for Hype projects that were built with different and/or earlier versions of the application (Hype 1+, Hype 2+, Hype 2.5 etc)? Asked another way, if I a user with Hype 2.5 references the HYPE-466.thin.min.js library on the server, will the file work or would it be necessary to have the Hype 2.5 files reference HYPE-XXX.thin.min.js file in order to work?

I’ve seen reference to various earlier versions (HYPE-454, hype_version=230, hype_version=238, hype_version=231… etc), but I don’t know where I can locate these actual libraries. Thanks for your attention and response.

Unfortunately this won't work. We build the HYPE.js runtime to be compatible with the version used to export the project, so the answer would be no. We include the '466' to keep this link holy (it references the build number of Hype). I recommend keeping the build number intact. Whenever we update something in Hype, we may find ways to further minify HYPE.js, or remove some CSS prefixing we no longer need. Our minification step may change the name of variables, but it's all kept in sync when re-exporting.

If you have early exports, and would like to host HYPE.js yourself, just make sure you're using the version which was output at the time of the export.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I guessed that would likely be the case. You guys have a solid product, thanks for putting it out. I’ll be sure to provide any feedback / feature requests as I get further along working with this tool.

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My client wants the files to be below 70 K. I see that the full.min.js file is above that, so do you know a way to get the size lower?

hey @andrewk,

This forum post helped clarify a bit regarding the way to optimize the resource files exported from Hype. Banner ad file optimization
… particularly: “What makes it “full” is that it includes support for IE6-9 and Physics. So if you’re deploying on IE or using Physics you must keep this around. In the future we may include more here too.”

If you’re not using the physics features or deploying to IE6-9, it seems that you can opt for the “HYPE-466.thin.min.js” and leave out full.min.js. Any more suggestions you might need to talk to the Hype team, @Daniel?

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As mentioned by @ftsam you only will/need the .thin.min.js version if you're not using Physics and IE6-9, but we do reserve changing this functionality in the future. This gets the size down a bit. Also, I'd ask your client about compression; most sites nowadays use gzip compression which results in a minimal Hype document being around 24 KB. Other than this, there's no way to reduce the Hype runtime file.

To elaborate on this, even if you changed the name of the files it still wouldn't work. We have some hard-coded variables that require the document loader file and the Hype runtime to be in sync - this allows older and newer documents to both work on the same page together.

@ftsam I've shot you an email; I now have a mechanism that allows you to grab versions of the Hype runtime for external CDN hosting. It is still under development so I'm not yet publishing it openly. However if others need this, feel free to contact me (jonathan at tumult dot com) and I can give more info.