What happened to the template library idea?

I recently saw this great animation by Michael Johan. What happened to the idea shown there?
Was it ditched? or never considered?


I vaguely remember something about a Template Library, where was it brought up..?

For a Tumult solution, I wanted Symbols to be more powerful - there were some factors in missing reusability like overrides :wink: but also UI scriptability/extensions. There's also tons of engineering and legal work to making a store. It isn't abandoned per se, but Vector Shapes took priority for v4. We also have wonderful sites like HypeDocks that have filled in some of the gaps.

That is interesting.

One thing that would take hardly any work at all would be if symbols return a "stable" symbol API when ever one fetches it. Meaning an JS object associated with the element.

I assume you are referring to hypeDocument.getSymbolInstanceById(id), but can you expand on what you mean by "stable?" This API does return a JS object and not a DOM element.

I am referring to said JS Object. But it is recreated every time we fetch it. Hence, linking it to the element id and returning the same object would make it extendable.


Gotchya, and I remember now - thanks for clarifying.