What export formats are available?

Hi. This is my first post as I’m keen to explore other design tools for creating interactive/animated content.

What local export formats are available? Am I right in thinking animated GIF and MP4 only? The latter doesn’t contain audio but that can be added with Camtasia/FCP etc? Any other formats that don’t require hosting? Only asking as I create a lot of media content that works only with image and video formats (uploadable and embeddable via YT, Vimeo and other platforms).


Hey Simon,

In terms of video you can export as:

  • Mp4 video using the h264 codec
  • ProRes 422 (higher res video)

And at different frames per second:

And yes — at this time you will need to splice together your video and audio later when exporting video from Hype. Alternatively, you can record a screencast and capture both audio and video all at once using Camtasia. It looks like Camtasia doesn’t yet record at 60fps, but Screenflow does.

Happy to answer any other Qs.

That’s useful, thanks Daniel.

Most of my audio tracks are voiceovers so it’s normally just a case of syncing to the vid and it’s job done.

Are both video formats restricted to pure linear video or can they retain any interactive elements in any way?


hi Simon,

if you export as html you can use interactivity along with your video.

so you’ll need a browser or webview within an app to handle interactions.

a pure videoformat is not interactive.


Cool, that sounds in line with my expectations.

Will have a play with the trial in a few days.


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We list all the formats Hype exports on the compare page (under “output formats”).

The standard export is File > Export as HTML5 >> Folder… which will give a .html file and folder of assets. Hype is very much a tool for creating interactive pieces (in fact the video export was added much later in Hype’s life!).