What does the Hype Logo mean?

sage advice as always!

I enjoy your metaphor immensely, but I think it’s swinging back away from the Flat impulse and I can’t quite get behind the labeling of “Modern Design” as Flat, despite Google’s recent update. People need to understand what the heck is a button and what’s just a label, and what it might do, and skeuomorphism is a powerful tool (among many others) to help that. Yes, yes, yes, Game Center Felt, Stitched Leather, Burnished Wood were correctly reviled as Crimes Against Nature, but the overall impulse was sound: to get people to want to drag their damn fingers across that iPhone 1 screen. Cf iOS Garageband. This trend exists today – the Apple Watch isn’t a watch for chrissakes, it’s a computer that fits on your wrist like a…uhm…uh…what might be a good metaphor? :wink: Anyway, its a good spectrum, and balance is crucial when trying to weigh fast, light, and clean vs comprehensibility.

Agreed on logo retention - keep it Old School! Plus you probably have 10,000 business cards sitting in a closet somewhere.

Still working on the animation, next to my main Job.

I kew what the logo was, perhaps is because I’m 41 years old! :smiley: I lreally liked it, but I didn’t know all of this details and now I love it, specially the Star Trek and particle colliders bits stole my heart. Way to go!


Regarding UI, I agree. When Bryce came out Kai’s radical interface drove a lot of people nuts - it was very stylish and avant garde but it was not intuitive. Looking cool is great for hobbyists, professionals don’t care as long as the UI makes sense and it enables to do good work, to do it fast and ,with minimal hassles.

So I’ll add the live link of the animation to this post also:

if @Daniel wants he can receive the .hype file to post on the website.


Yes please!

Hello @MaxZieb and @Daniel,

here is the Hype file of the Logo Animation:
hype_logo.zip (130.5 KB)

@MaxZieb I also uploaded this second version on Youtube:


Now that the logo has some personality, I feel the urge to make Hype plushies :slight_smile:.

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