What best technique from hype to login into a database then access a scene wait "green signal" push a button and launch another scene

my project is there … it’s a game that can be played in small groups… i use buzzer.hype project (buzzer.hype.zip (661.8 KB)to login into a database outside hype (typical mysql database i imagine we can connect via javascript ?) then i access a page with a button with a “wait” status … (listening the green signal from the database - javascript once again) and when the button turns green (signal received) i can then push this green buzzer to start another hype project like this once in example blind roue - copieMHv2.hype.zip (1.4 MB). The objective is to play with friends each one to log in the database, then randomly the databse will put a “green” signal to let me access the “green buzzer” in hype to start the scene and let my name appear on screen (cause i have been the quickest to buzz)…

what are the best techniques to reach that goal ? any developpement ideas will be great i am lost in javascript even if i know this is not complicated and i am learning … the mysql database outside hype is not a problem and i have designed the two demos buzzer and roue for you to help me achieving this project …;

May you’ll find this interessting enough for your time ?

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There are many different approaches, many of which are dependent on what technology set you know or want to learn and then that intersection of the technologies that make sense! The general approach is that you would use javascript client-side to make AJAX calls to a remote application (or something like a PHP script) on a running web server that would then access the mysql database and send responses. However for a game latency is a big deal, so you may instead want to use a different approach. You may instead want to have a running application only with in-memory data and communicate via WebSockets, for example.