What about using a hype animation like help tips in joomla content?

Hello all,
First I don’t know if I’m describing well what I’m asking: I’ll try again:

  1. I know how to add hype animation on joomla
  2. I’m not asking about creating a help animation per se.

What I’m asking is if it’s possible to add a hype animation on joomla anywhere on the screen anchored to an css class (for example) and at diferent z-index (like an overlay?)

If it’s possible and someone has any tips. Be welcome to advise.

Thanks in advance.

You can adjust the Z-index of the actual Hype element to ensure it appears over other elements -- this can be done in the inline CSS included in the Hype element itself.

Hype embeds are block elements, so they fit into pre-existing HTML like a block. To get an 'overlay' effect, you would need to place your Hype embed within an absolutely-positioned DIV so that it floats based on its relationship to the viewport's edges.

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