What about Android?

I’ve been an Apple user since the Apple][
However as for the phones I always used Androids, and the vast majority of people in Asia uses them too…
even in Europe Android phones are quite popular.
I hope to see in the next Hype version the chance to export from the Mac to Android phones…
Millions of people can’t see my work on their phones or tablets and this is often a problem, as desktops and even laptops are no longer in great use.
Do you have any plans about Android?
I hope so but if not please tell me anyhow.

Hype is compatible with Android. Meaning you can use your HTML exports and display/view them on android devices. I use an android device to test my work before it goes out to to the public and Hype delivers.

What isn’t working on an Android?

Thanks Pete for your reply
However several people in Hong KOng, Tai8wan, Korea and Japan are unable to see the sites on their phones or Tablets Samsung mainly but also other brands
While Hype gives in depth infos for Apple phones and tablets it doesn’t give any suggestions for Android
I am sure it will be quite easy to add At least ASUS, LG, SAMSUNG, SONY phones, but there are none.
For this reason and from the mails I get I wrote my post
There are many people in Europe who also are not able to see them on their phone browsers.
Most people dont buy a phone every new entry this could be another reason.

Just a hint for the discussion: It’s not about android or apple. It’s about the used browser. So we are talking about chrome and webkit based browsers. Hype gives detailed information based on the browsers.

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According to this page: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/1727131, there are 21,717 devices which support Google Play (here’s all of them), so those devices also support Google Chrome. I don’t know where to get data on which devices come pre-installed with Google Chrome, but it is becoming increasingly common. This browser also autoupdates, unless app updates are explicitly turned off.

I don’t see where to find what the default browser is for these devices, but I assume most are pushed towards Chrome.


We don’t hear a lot about issues displaying Hype document on Android, but I would like to hear about what issues you’re seeing and what’s not working – can you share a URL?