Well rounded Mobile/Desktop template

Hi! I recently got into HYPE 3.5. I really like the animation stuff it can do. But I don’t really know how to do something very simple, which is make a persistent top menu toolbar that adjust to the width of the website in real time. So that my website can be scalable to Mobile from Desktop based on windows width.

I guess I would need some Javascript commands>

This seems to be the standard for most websites these days. Instead of making thirty various HTMLs for various devices, make just 1 that can scale and adjust.

Does HYPE provide a template of a basic website that is Mobile/Desktop compliant that I can start with? That seems like it would be a great thing. (maybe there is a tutorial on how to do this?)

I could be wording all this wrong. apologies if so. 1st post.


Do a search on “scale” in this forum. You will be surprised.

Hype doesn’t specifically provide templates, though you’re free to look at the gallery or forum template category if you need ideas.

If you wanted a menu toolbar, generally you’d use a combination of persistent symbols so the content is the same across scenes and flexible layout so it can expand correctly.