Welcome to the Tumult Whisk 2.0 Beta!

I would like to thank everyone who signed up for the Whisk (née HyperEdit) 2.0 beta!

Whisk is intended to be a lightweight application for editing and experimenting with HTML/PHP.

We’re always open to hearing any feedback about the application. Any feature requests are welcome, and we highly encourage bug reports. If you hit something obvious, please report it anyways. There’s a chance it might not have been reported or it could turn out your configuration is less likely than expected. We’d rather have duplicate reports than missing ones! Likewise, if it is unclear if what you’re seeing is a bug, please report it as well! Even points of confusion about the UI is useful for us to know.

You can report issues here on the forums or privately at whisk-betafeedback@tumult.com. There’s also In-App feedback mechanisms with the Whisk > Provide Whisk Feedback… and Help > Report an Issue… menu items.

Happy testing!


Yeah, Code Snippets!

Hope this’ll get part of Hype when proofed to be good within Whisk :slight_smile:


Code completion!!


Love the new icon.


Will there be brace, bracket, parenthesis , matching ?
Which is one of the main reasons I use third party editors.


Potentially - I laid some groundwork to be able to share preferences between Hype and Whisk. At the very least you can use Whisk as an external editor for Hype :slight_smile:.

These won’t be for v2.0 since the primary goal was in feature modernization, but clearly they are pretty top missing editor features :slight_smile:. Any editor features are basically two for the price of one since they apply to both Whisk and Hype!

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drag’n drop of files to open and store in the watchedlist would be fine :slight_smile:

You can drag files into the watched files table to add them. Also you can control/right-click on each for additional functionality of showing in the finder or choosing an application to edit in.

Another note about watched files: if one is opened in Hype, editing it will trigger a reload and use the current in-memory contents of the file, so you do not need to save.

Final note: you can drag in folders to watch all files within that folder. This is probably most useful for dealing with PHP where there may be required .inc files that wouldn’t be automatically picked up but you still want to have reload.

• I was going to post “Are open documents meant to reload when you open another document.”

But I notice that this happens if even if you move around the open dialogue

• The open Dialogue lets you select files that Whisk cannot open .i.e .hype files.
If you do try and do this any further attemps to open a document will fail.
Nothing opens.
You have to quit Whisk.

Looks like this causes a silent internal crash.

Yeah, works in Catalina. Could have swearn it does not work when trying this at home, but it’s an older OS anyway :slight_smile:

That’s kind of hilarious; I haven’t been able to reproduce it though. I’m curious what your watched file in this case was? Was it the containing folder like Documents? Perhaps you can DM me a screenshot of the finder folder and the watched file list for this? My guess would be that it was seeing changes to a .DS_Store folder or something like that.

Yes, it has problems when trying to open a folder. Thanks for the report - I will fix.

I tried reproducing on 10.11 but had no luck; if you see this again can you let me know and send the file that isn’t being added? Thanks!

i tried dropping a file to the head (say next to ‘Indent’) of a whisk window to open. that’s like adobe apps work …

dropping on app-icon and watched-section works in 10.11.6 :slight_smile:

Whisk only accepts images in the editor portion; it will attempt to make an <img> tag whose src is relative to the document.

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Just saw that blocs video on it’s intergration into blocs.

Sooo… will we get that kind of live preview in Whisk…? :innocent::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Whisk doesn’t presently have a Mirror Mode, so I’ve opted to not add it for right now… especially because the extension in blocs is named “Hype.”

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I will hold on to that like a tooth under the pillow :grinning:


I noticed that I was nit able to search all the time.
One minute it would search. I would maybe nav around the open docs, go out the app and back and suddenly the search pane I had open would just beep at me! Like it either could not search or did not find the text I knew was there!

Resorted to closing it and trying again. Did not always work.

Yesterday I finally realised what is going on.

I either selected the right hand preview pane in a open doc when clicking into the app or the focus went to that one way or other.

The search seems to need the left hand edit pane in focus to search.

This makes sense but was not obvious. And was driving me nuts :crazy_face:
I guess since the search can only search in the edit pane it would be good if when you select or open a search the focus automatically goes to the edit pane.

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Thanks for the feedback. We did get feedback for “find” to work in the web view, but it probably just makes sense to make the text view focused when a find is initiated so it looks there.

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