Welcome on board! Please introduce yourself 🖐

Thanks for the tutorial, Jonathan :slight_smile:



I’m Ricardo Lobao, learning experience designer and entrepreneur at Madrid (Spain).

My native language is Spanish.

I’m planning on using Hype for educational and entertainment purposes.

I’m actually quite a beginner at Hype.

I’m delighted to be among Hype enthusiasts and willing to learn as much as possible.

See you on the forums! :smile:



I’m an in-house graphic designer just getting started with Hype and animation. Primarily I’m looking to use the app to create infographic style videos to share on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram.

A few weeks ago I started learning Adobe After Effects, but the subscription model and overall approach of the software is quite daunting. Hype seems more pared down and intuitive, so I’m hoping the learning curve will be less extreme as I’d like to start creating the simple animated videos my Pacific NW company needs.

I am a little concerned that there is no native audio export. That seems strange. I’m starting with the two week trial though and hope the software impresses in all other respects.

I’ve found forums really helpful learning other software, so I look forward to learning from all of you.



Hello everybody,

I’m an Australian teacher of Japanese, and I’d like to use Hype to make interactive language learning content because that’s how languages are most effectively learned - interactively. Years ago I learned just enough about what is now called Adobe Animate to make some basic interactives published as .swf. My students were able to use those interactives to look at words written in Japanese, mouseover the words to see a translation, and click to the words to hear them spoken aloud.

I’d like to do the same kind of thing with Hype, and I’m afraid I’ll need a lot of help for some things - I’ve seen some very technical conversations between highly skilled and knowledgeable people here, but I don’t have anywhere near the knowledge to understand them. Don’t let that put you off though - this will be your chance to sharpen your own skills (both Hype and communication skills) by getting through to the clueless but eternally grateful newbie! :laughing:

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the whole learning experience. よろしく!yoroshiku!


I’m from the same background but recently retired. I found Hype to be a huge plus for online product demonstrations, etc. I created several hundred items and projects with it. One of my best was a detailed product overview for a window shutters manufacturer. It involves no JS - just straight Hype. Go to ohair.com and scroll down a bit. (I haven’t checked it out in a while and don’t know how well maintained it is.)
The presentation can be navigated start to finish by hitting the white arrow at the right. Make sure to roll over everything as there are some layered things. One can also jump directly to sections by clicking on the large buttons beneath. Note that it is responsive, so try resizing the window. The rest of the site is filled with Hype content - banners, rollovers, etc.

There are others who are far better with Hype than me - the JS pros - but it is amazing what you can accomplish without any coding at all.


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Hello Hype users of the Universe!

  • My name is Patrick McLean.
  • I work in the Automotive Industry by day and have many computer related interests as a hobby.
  • I live in Oxford, MI USA… However, I am Canadian born and have an addiction to Tim Horton’s coffee.
  • I speak and write English poorly but that’s all I got and I am envious of those who speak multiple languages.
  • I have worked on website design, motion graphics, video editing and programming as a Dad trying to run ahead to learn computer technologies to help my two daughters in school.
  • I have learned enough to be dangers in the learning to program arena and am now trying to submerse myself into learning Hype more in the evenings.
  • I class myself as a beginner because I like to work on tasks beyond my understanding to eventually get better through osmosis if not perseverance toward a goal.
  • My favorite design/animation tool includes the Adobe Production Suite of tools with a fascination for After Effects.
  • If I had a chance to reset my current career, I would like to be a full time animator.
  • I started animated drawing on paper and doing paper cut-out animation. However, when I was younger I enjoyed Magic and puppet shows as a kid.
  • Since I like the topic of animation overall, it is hard to pick a favorite animated movie. I do not play games very often, however, I recall playing the “Three Stooges Game” on the Amiga 2000 which is beyond fun. (o:
  • I am very excited to dive into learning Hype more.
  • Ultimately, I plan to create some interactive training tools that use “drag and drop” methods to have the user create pretend mechanical or electrical devices online and apply problem solving methods to help teach others to solve problems on their own in an Engineering environment.
  • I look forward to contributing to the forum after I learn more how to help. Thank you! PM

Hi all,

My name is Paul Randall and I’ve been developing websites since 1997 and currently create them on Wordpresss with the site builder Oxygen. I purchased Hype for the first time yesterday and am enjoying it very much.

I’ll add more to this later but I thought I would just say hi for now and I look forward to getting to know some of you.


Welcome @paulrandall ,

love seeing more Oxygen users here. They represent the perfect balance between a visual approach with the willingness to understand and use the underlying web stack. I actually own an Oxygen license myself.

Regards from a fellow user @MaxZieb

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Hi all,
my name is Paolo. I’m from Padua, Italy.
My primary work is in a printing house (offset + digital) but I also follow eBooks creation and certification.
I consider myself a beginner Hype user but I have already had some experience in interaction and animation with CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript.
To edit ePubs I use BBedit because it is able to open zipped project.
(suggestion of features to be implemented quickly in Whisk :slight_smile: )



Hi all,

Im rrrmktrrr

I work as a freelance have been 5years work about webdesign and advertising
Im live in Taiwan
I speak Chinese and a bit English.
I ready to use Hype4 on webdesign cases indeed
Im hype4 newbie
For animation project, I'like AE, PR.
My firsrt animation tools is PS for GIF format
My fav animated film is AVatar



I’m Simon
I live in the UK
I am a high school teacher of chemistry
I speak English
I make interactive content to help me teach tricky concepts in science. I am hugely grateful for all the help I get on this forum. It really does help to improve my teaching and therefore is helping young people to learn. I am a novice at hype and a beginner (but trying to get better!) at JavaScript. It’s so much harder than chemistry! I only really use hype and affinity designer. My favourite animated film is toy story.

Have a great day!



I’m Kevin.
I live in Baltimore, MD
I work in Web Services at the US House of Representatives building/managing websites for Congressional offices.
I speak English
I have made nothing with Hype yet, but am working on my first project having to do with social justice.
I am a beginner with Hype.
I’m an Adobe user - although I’m working to get away from that ecosystem (Affinity/Serif FTW!).
I’m mainly using Hype as a UI/UX component rather than just animation. My first web animation tool was Falsh (<- typo, but I’ll leave it for giggles) Flash.
My fav animated film is anything that keeps my kid’s attention while I tap away at the keyboard.

I have a bit of a goofy side - so prepare yourself!

Hype is a great tool. When I compare it with other products, don’t take it as a ‘this is better than that’ comparison. It’s just easier to reference when I ask questions.



Who are you? Wes Williams, good with words but poor with technology.

Almost any technology, apparently. I even had problems with my can opener at lunch just now.

What is your industry/profession? Online learning.

Right now I'm working for a very small company creating online courses. I primarily research, organize, and write curriculum, but the place is so small that I've been asked to learn Hype and create animated and interactive lessons as well.

Where do you call home? Dallas, the city of large blonde hair

What have you made with Hype – or what are you planning on using Hype for? Nothing yet. I'm working through the Tumult Hype Documentation and online tutorials (at Udemy and one originally created for Lynda.com) but I find there are many things they don't explain well.

I'm really hoping this will be a place where I can ask my noob questions.

Would you call yourself a beginner, novice, or advanced? Is there something more basic than "beginner"? :thinking:


Welcome to this awesome, helpful community, @WesW!

In case you're not aware, @Photics recently published A Book About Hype. It's great – in some ways the "missing manual" – and goes from the very basics of using Hype up through introducing JavaScript for more advanced work, accessible to someone who's never programmed before. I imagine you'd get a lot more out of working through his well-designed chapters than watching the online tutorials.

You can see how the book came to be in this thread. While the book's cost may seem a bit high, @Photics is (along with many others) incredibly active and amazingly helpful on this forum. Factoring in his freely-given ongoing support here, along with the Hype templates he also makes freely available, makes the cost seem more than fair to me. (And for the record, I have no financial interest. Just want to make sure you know about this invaluable resource!)

Happy creating! :blush:

  • Marielle
  • Graphic Designer and Learning Enthusiast
  • Florida, USA
  • Spanish
  • I want to start with a catalog of interactions just so I can learn it and have a reference set of files I can come back to.
  • Beginner
  • Cartoon Animator 4, AE
  • Flash
    *I'm more of a Documentary/History film lover.
  • And I've been disgusted by Articulate Storyline price since forever -__-

I am Saeta Hernando (1971), professional illustrator of Spanish origin living in Berlin (Germany) and in continuous learning. I worked twenty years ago in traditional animation (pencil, paper and light table) :sweat_smile: . Later I also did Flash animations but since 2004 I have been more dedicated to children and young people's illustration. Now I am recycling myself in HTML5 animation and recently I discovered Hype. At the moment I don't have much to contribute to the community, so I'm trying to learn as much as possible.

My intention is to apply Hype to graphic communication and interactive graphic adventures that can be applied to the field of education.

In my profile you can find the link to my website in case you want to know more about my work. I don't put it here to avoid spam :wink:

As for software other than Hype, I usually use Clip Studio Pro, Krita, the Serif Affinity suite, DaVinci Resolve and I'm looking at Godot Engine too. Yes, I turned my back on Adobe.

(I apologize for my not very correct English.)


Hi, I'm,

Chris Kelly
I'm an interactive designer
In the digital marketing department
New Jersey, USA
Speak English and learning Spanish
Looking to create animations to supplement interactive marketing experiences on the web
I'm a beginner with Hype
I've used Flash, After Effects & Cinema 4D
Macromedia Flash was the first animation tool I've used
Monster Inc. is my favorite animated film

  • Hola! My name is Juan Daza
  • My industry: learning in uncertain times
  • Home is a small town in Colombia
  • and spanish is mi native language.
  • I used Hype for some animations and now I'm moving towards interactive learning
  • being a beginner/novice.
  • Love working with Sketch + Mural + Procreate
  • I made some stop motion movies and the Flash and Director games and animations
  • and count me as a Miyazaki fan.

Hello, my name is Luís Carlos Petry. I am 62 years old.
I was born in Brazil, in a southern region, colonized by Germans.
I am a researcher and professor. I work with research that relates mathematical topology, art and psychoanalysis. If you want you can see my channel on YouTube: https://youtu.be/DjtSUIhQ9d4
Where do you call home?
My native language was German and then I learned Portuguese. I read English, French, Spanish, German.
How did I find Hype? Since September of last year I started working with iMac again. I was researching a tool that would behave like Flash and the Director. I also worked a lot with Autgorware. My intention was to be able to export to HTML5. Until then I was using an iSpring plugin for this in connection with PowerPoint.
I found Hype searching the internet and I was impressed with the robustness of the tool. I didn't wait to finish the trial time to register.
I am simply delighted with the work done by Tumult. Hype is an excellent hypermedia authoring tool and I am building classes with it.
I'm a newbie, for sure. An important aspect is the community's collaboration in posting examples that can be transformed by beginners, like me.
I need to study more Java Script and I am looking for a resource for newbies.
I have training in high school of arts and in 3D, my animations are usually 3D - 3D model since the 80's, with Cinema 4D at Comodore Amiga.
My favorite film is 2001 - I love Hall and David.