Weird loading issue, TUMULT creators help!

I have created 2 separate Hype files, one for mobile and one for Desktop/Tablet. This is mainly because the files are so complex that Hype itself is running more and more slowly. The problem I am having is that the code is virtually the same with minor tweaks for Mobile.


The mobile which has smaller assets takes 20 seconds to load. When I run timeline in the Debugger on Chrome, it is telling me that scripting is taking 31 seconds. Would you have any ideas what could be throwing this? ON the desktop which is very similar code it takes 5 seconds for scripting.



cc: @jonathan

@Daniel @jonathan

I have been digging around the timelines and I see all this code that basically Fires on something called Frame 4:

I get Styles Recalculated and then
Styles Invalidated, and then somewhere way down the line:
Timer Installed and Animation Frame Requested.

Then A directory for Styles Recalculated which has within it Layout Invalidated.

I am overwriting many styles but I am doing the same in the desktop which is working fine.

It is particularly difficult because I can’t get under the hood to debug and find the error. It’s actually making our team rethink using the product, which is sad because I have grown to enjoy working with it.

are you sure that is an issue? How many files/mb in the project? maybe you should check the project optimization.

Can you post the document (or send to if you need it kept confidential)?

Unfortunately I can’t post or share as it is for a major financial firm. Ugh.

How large is the *_hype_generated_script.js file?

You could try to use the non-minified runtime and that might give a better sample to see what is happening. In the terminal:

defaults write com.tumult.Hype2 UseFullHypeJSTemplate -bool YES 

Perhaps I could take a look if you capture a timeline and javascript profile with this on? There’s not much by way of advice that can be given without more data (of course the document is best). I’m always happy/able to sign NDAs.