Website (wordpress) is not showing all layouts (sizes)

Hi There,

I have an issue basically I am able to use the Wordpress Plugin no worries. I have created the Hype animation banner in several responsive layout breakouts no worries. I have uploaded the OAM to the plugin no worries - and after changing it to iFrame - it displays. But it only shows the smallest of size layouts and not the right one for the screen size? So I am confused as to why this would be doing this... is there something that you guys can point me to (as I can't show you the website at the moment as it is sitting behind a lot of security on the test site.) I can however put it on my personal website and show you if you need me to?

Let me know...

When I test this with from the hype and do it to safari - it works fine... displays the biggest size and then responsively reduces in size perfectly... so it can't be the design right?

Please help


The container in which you’re placing the Hype embed is 168px wide — so it is only showing the layout that fits in that area (the first one).

In your Wordpress theme there might be an option to show the ‘post’ as ‘full width’ to ensure that you have enough space for the animation.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for coming back to me - I have set all the containers to be full width and the row to be full width with no padding - but still it seems to be forcing itself to be that small.... Interestingly - when I have just the one layout (wide desktop version) it works and displays the wide version no problems... is there something that we can do about this - or do I have to create 4/5 separate animations and do the manual sizing that way?



Can you change the embed mode to 'div' instead of 'iframe' with the Hype animation and see if that fixes the issue? It seems like the iframe method doesn't behave well with multiple layouts since it uses the smallest layout first.

Daniel - thank you so much - this worked just fine - incidentally I had to use iFrame because it wasn't appearing on my website in a div due a minify.js issue with WPRocket - a few tweaks here and there and there it is... the banner and fully resizing in all it's glory! :slight_smile:

Thank you!!!