Website: Tume - Attitude Seltzer

Have been extremely busy around here, I still own a user on this forum a video tutorial about Hype and OBS, but I finally had some time to accept new projects, and one of these is this new website for the brand Tume:

As usual, it borrows heavily from h_classen and markhunte codes shared in this forum as well others I might not remember.

A huge thanks for the whole Hype team, I would never be able to create such content without this software.


Great looking site, congratulations. I noticed when looking on mobile (iPhone X) landscape mode the site seems not as optimized visually as its in portrait mode? Am I the only seeing this? However, I applaud you for going this far with hype nonetheless.


Oh yeah, you completely right, I was planning on lock or show a message that landscape on smartphone is not supported, completely forgot about that one, working on it.

Thanks for the feedback and comment!

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Looks great! Even I didn't even believe it was done with Hype (meaning that in a good way) so I had to open up the developer tools to check :rofl:.


I really like the swipe Progression and specially the intro. That is just amazing. Buy button is not working on the iPhone and I still must look at it on the desktop. Love it. Well done!

it's stunning because of the videoskills that you combine with Hype.

though the navigation thru scroll/swipe introducing some block-animated content is not my favorite websitebehavior :slight_smile: i'd prefer direct scrollprogress

Beautiful website! The animated gradient background when you hover over the cans is a neat effect!

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Simply impressive. Congratulations! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Oh, no, is just that the client haven't provided the link yet, also the youtube link is broken since they still working on that.

But yeah, credits to h_classen for providing how make the scene progression with the scroll wheel.

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Yeah, actually that was the original client idea, similar to the scrolling behavior on Apple site, BUT, it proved to be more challenging for me since a lot of stuff have to happen in the timeline and I found easier to isolate codes and behaviours on each scene and going back and forward between these is a bit easier relying on scenes only.

But definitely I need to learn how to recreate those time-line bound scrolling since not every client is going to be as flexible as this one.

Thanks for the kind words, you are a legend.

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regarding Hypes functionality your approach is the best matching choice :slight_smile: