Website only works on Apple (SAFARI)

Hey guys,

got a bad problem… my website works only on Apple Products … I think it needs Safari?..

If u have the possibility check it out on Mac and Windows

Is there a problem with the export ??

Please Help me ! I tried it with Firefox , Chrome and Internet Explorer …

It only works the right way with Safari…

Greetings !

This is what I get on:

Chrome 77, Windows 10:

Edge 18, Windows 10:

Internet Explorer 11, Windows 10:

I only have these 3 installed at the moment. But, from what I can see, it looks like the website is working. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope this helps.

Dude Thanks !
but its hard to describe … behind the WEB Design logo should be a green logo…

in the Projekt Folder are buttons named “weiter”… but there should also be buttons named " zurück" …

i didn’t have the problem in the preview menu on MAC OS - now since i uploaded it to the Server its also on mac OS …

u know a similar problem ???


those are both from the preview… U see the buttons missing " zurück"

and the green logo in the background of the Main Page ?


A look at the developer tools shows that all your assets return a 404 error. You might have messed up somehwere while uploading the assets.

You can see the preview correctly in Safari because as I can see in your screenshot, that’s a local preview. It’s loading the file:// URI. Maybe, it won’t load properly in Safari also if you check your website’s address.

Remove the german umlaute (öäü) from the filenames. Even though we have 2019 … keeping filenames simple with _- and no spaces (Leerzeichen) is best practice.

@Hrishikesh i tired a local preview also on Windows … looks like the online version…

@MaxZieb alright i will try, maybe it will help

Thanks guys !