Website for a Guitar Maker - built with Hype

Hi there,

just finished a huuuge website project. It’s still possible that I didn’t dedect some issues (but I’m very thankful for reports). By the way, I have to mention that it’s not responsive yet (I’ve started the project with Hype 2.5 and experimented with the Beta ((it was awesome)), but I felt more comfortable to finish it in 2.5 ). I can’t wait to do some new stuff in Hype 3 Pro.

German Version

English Version


Very nicely done, I wish there were some samples of how the guitars sound.

das ist richtig cool … :smile:
sehr gute graustufenbilder!

Greg hat recht, wenn er anmerkt, dass einige Klangbeispiele ein i-Tüpfelchen wären.

Beautiful site! Thanks for sharing!

Hey guys,
thanks for this idea! Sound samples would be a really neat feature!

Ja die sind schon schnieke, hab leider nur zwei davon zu verantworten :wink:

Really nice website, @ristin! I like the overall greyscale scheme with touches of color here and there. Very nice and innovative navigation and menu system, too. A great example of a full site built in Hype, in my opinion.

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I’m still a newbie with Hype, but from a design/function perspective, this is easily one of my favorite examples! I’ve had several projects with similar challenges of presenting “nested” information - none of which ended up as polished as this!


Thanks for surfacing this site from the depths of the forum. It’s indeed a marvel. Nice design, deeplinks and use of touch gestures.

We really need to get a template for full site development going. This way the grunt work would already be done and one could focus only on the design. Very nice for portfolios and special sites!

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I'm planning this as a lesson in the Hype 4 book.
(Looks like I'm going to be making the book... app... thing.)

Yeah, I have a "how to connect your external data" file on the forums. Always wanted to extend on that for a full fledged template in extensions.

A thing? What thing?

Thank you so much! I’m glad people still like it! By now, we plan to reconstruct the “Instruments” section because it may looks nice and all but at the moment it’s not that easy to add new instruments. It’s a hassle every time… It would be nice if I can unravel all functions and timelines to get a clean, reasonable and responsive page (I already have plans for this). Due to the design we have also a limited number of the instruments (4 per category), which is not that much and it’s too bad not to show all these nice instruments.

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