Website for a Guitar Maker - built with Hype

(KSiegel) #1

Hi there,

just finished a huuuge website project. It’s still possible that I didn’t dedect some issues (but I’m very thankful for reports). By the way, I have to mention that it’s not responsive yet (I’ve started the project with Hype 2.5 and experimented with the Beta ((it was awesome)), but I felt more comfortable to finish it in 2.5 ). I can’t wait to do some new stuff in Hype 3 Pro.

German Version

English Version

(Greg) #2

Very nicely done, I wish there were some samples of how the guitars sound.

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #3

das ist richtig cool … :smile:
sehr gute graustufenbilder!

Greg hat recht, wenn er anmerkt, dass einige Klangbeispiele ein i-Tüpfelchen wären.


Beautiful site! Thanks for sharing!

(KSiegel) #5

Hey guys,
thanks for this idea! Sound samples would be a really neat feature!

Ja die sind schon schnieke, hab leider nur zwei davon zu verantworten :wink:

(Freelancer) #6

Really nice website, @ristin! I like the overall greyscale scheme with touches of color here and there. Very nice and innovative navigation and menu system, too. A great example of a full site built in Hype, in my opinion.