Website entirely made with hype 3

Hello everyone,
I’ve been working since the beginning of November on
We are making a new, outstanding, hi-fi system.
The website is entirely made with Hype and is made up by two different sections:

  1. The introduction, visible only at the first user access.
  2. The website.

Any feedback are appreciated!




bravo Gabriele, nice trip!
the introduction is very additive!

Complimenti :smile:

@michelangelo thanks! Grazie! :slight_smile:

looks good, great video integration.

@ocultor thank you

I agree with @ocultor; what struck me is how seamless it went from a slideshow to the video being played. I also had some quasi-inception memories thrown in :smile:.

Hello, I’m very new to this. Great job :slight_smile:
Viewing this on my 27inch iMac in browser, the sides of the page don’t extend
to the edges of the window. Is this intended?

Ciao Hype Designer italiani!!! Ci sono anche io!

I tried it on Safari and Firefox, but the most left menu-option (the graphic) brings up the spinning beachball and an unresponsive script warning.

non siamo molti ma benvenuto :slight_smile:

Grazie! In verità uso hype dal 2011 (versione 1.qualcosa se ricordo bene), ma ho dovuto resettare l’account del forum quindi sembro una new entry :slight_smile:

Just saw this posting. Great website. I have also created an entire website using Hype. What did you use to create your contact form?

Any information you can give me would be really appreciated.

Thank you!