Webfont-based Text to Vector Shapes



‘Convert to Vector Shape’ -command has been available for a while now in Hype4beta.
‘Convert to Vector Shape’ is currently greyed out if trying to apply it to some ‘live text’.

Quite often there is a need of converting headlines or display text to vector shapes or transparent png.
Those headlines are made with some (usually on customer’s request) novelty webfont-based type you never needed before.

Right now converting comprises a lengthy, several-steps-process (downloading and installing webfont on your desktop, recreating the headlines in a third-party graphic software, destructive converting to svg or png…

It would be a really streamlined one-click procedure if ‘Convert to Vector Shape’ -command
would work on webfont-based text.
Real time-saver for text-heavy ad designs!

(Pete) #2

This was requested a long time ago by many users including me. Also, this is not so easy to accomplish, if anything it could be quite a challenge when it comes conversion from font to svg/vector data. Theres also that EULA notion when it comes editing a font though on the contrary illustrator does just that is breaking font apart.


Thanks @petester for sharing your insights on that topic, good to know that it had been a popular feature request, in the absence of this shortcut in Hype the old-school way comes in handy: using a third-party editor for rasterizing fonts.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

Thanks for the request! There are a lot of complications in implementing, but this is part of the ultimate vision for where I want vector shapes to go.

A friend once asked me if Hype could make it rain and have the drops go around text/letters. It can’t do that now, but that is an ambition we have been working towards. The basic remaining bits are: more complex vector shape representation in Hype that can represent fonts, physics handling these more complex shapes, text conversion to vector shapes, and a particle generator that can emit physics elements. So there’s a lot to do :slight_smile:.


Great, that sounds so Hype PRO-mising!
Would love to ditch that switching to third-party vector editors
for basic tasks of converting text to: Outlines / SVG or transparent PNG.