Webflow scrolling animations... is possibile with Hype Pro?

I’d like to create the scrolling animations that Webflow has on their websites (e.g. scrolling down/up the page https://webflow.com to see the animation effects) but I don’t want to use their animations and interactions visually tools (I think require to use their cloud service to works)… is possibile with the Hype Pro (or with the incoming 4 version)?

I’m not sure, as I don’t really use this feature, but it sounds like you’re looking for Viewport Actions… https://tumult.com/hype/documentation/3.0/#viewport-actions …that lets you control animation based on when an element enters or leaves (through scrolling) a view.

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Ok, thanks, I’ll try to learn more about the “viewport actions” on Hype.

Hi Michele,
Wondering if you were able to achieve animation on scroll using Tumult similar to Webflow? I'm new to Tumult and exploring it's options/functions. Thank you.

you can start animations (in fact start any behavior) when an element scroll into or exits the viewport

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Thank for replying @h_classen

Oh! Does this also include video? Would like to start and pause video as the user scrolls down the page. Thank you again @h_classen

yes and no. you can add some javascript to the behaviours enter viewport, exit viewport that handles your video. several posts in the forum on how to do control video. some note: over the last years the browers did more restrictions on autoplay, play without userinteraction ...

Thank you again for your prompt replies @h_classen
I will read further Tumult forums and deep drive. Nic