Webflow ( no code) increible!

A few days ago I've been testing on weflow, it's one of the most popular of "No code"... he did experiments... honestly, it's incredible!

Because it has a very photoshop-like ux for people who are used to using it.

zero code if you need more complicated and specific you can use it with another website called weblocks... it's pure visual script js for webflow... I need more time to practice this.

I just looked at the html and css and it makes a lot of sense and very neat for you to create a platform that you can share with other developers ( python java and etc)

It can work on all platforms but it needs to be used with the internet (it is a weak point)

But I am very satisfied.

The only bad thing in webflow is animation.

You can share with another platform no code zapier, airtable, so you can make database dynamics (allows you to do with this are: session login, cms, crm, online payment, etc.

webflow can create a css property for elements that are selected. Incredible and incredible. Reduce work time and a lot and a lot.

to export you can see all very clean code (html, css and javascript) and hype you can only see well it's html but in hype I can't imagine to understand what it means and what its methods are.

I think it is very big.

I think hype can do it but you need to open a script or plugin tool to associate in hype.

All the best

webflow is a software for making websites, I'm not sure I understand the connection between the two apps.

yes, that is true ... Hype would be the software to built animations plugged into a webflowproject ... softwares are not comparable

Hmmm... I don't know for sure. I'm going to see if it allows importing with html format or another type.

I have several projects that I have created very robust web pages that I developed with tumult hype. Because it has almost the same philosophy as Adobe Flash.

That's why we need some tools to add so you can make a bigger platform and in html with your hands it's almost impossible to do it. Because hype made a very smart design and should also do something more video game ui style web design.

I think if we should compare with hype. I think that hype is the leader of the competition of other html relationship software

if you are looking for examples of sites made with hype, or that contain hype animations, visit the gallery. Much depends on the developer knowledge

Always keep in mind as long as Hype is predominantly using absolute positioning by default … we are mainly talking about an animation package. I agree that Hype compliments software that does traditional web design with reflowing container systems like flex box or grid.

Including Hype in such software is pretty easy by inserting it as an code/HTML element containing the script tag necessary. The hosting always can be done given a static folder.

Building prototypes in Hype is also very popular because designers understand how to position things to each other just by dragging and not having to think about complex nested structures to achieve a certain look. This is a trait of most prototyping software like Adobe XD, Sketch or Figma. In case of Hype we have the added benefit of actual HML being exported.

One last point is that Hype is generated on the fly and hence traditional old-school search engines only looking at the source code will not find the content. Modern search engines actually use virtual browser instances and can inspect HTML generated by JavaScript… so, I consider Hype to be indexable (at least by Google), but that is certainly a point to keep in mind.

Given all those points there are still use cases for micro sites with the given state of affairs and a some future potential for Hype to include a flex or grid layout system with nested inserts slots working with its absolute positioning system. Hence the insert slots are regions the usual pinning works, but are driven by a new grid or flex container to reflow them. This would be a really nice addition and tweak the software into a region comparable with something in between animation and traditional web design.


Agree, that would be a big change for web development using hype