Webflow integration

I Am using Webflow and want to integrate with Hype. Is there any guide or tutorial that explain how to embed Hype project in webflow page.

Maybe this helps...

You can add a Hype project to a web page as an iFrame. However, you'd still need to upload that Hype project to a web server.

I don't use Webflow though. I like WordPress. Hype even has a nice plugin for easy uploading of Hype projects.


Hi Photics

Thank for reply. I would say that it is very surprising that there is no mention in the entire forum for hype integration in Webfellow. I really hope that one of the Tumult staff will see this thread and respond :slight_smile:

Actually there are a few. The following thread has the most germane info about integrating Hype in Webflow. Basically the answer is read the tutorial about using Wix & Hype. According to the link below the process is the same.


The only thing I would add about Webflow, is if you have a ‘Pro’ account with them they let you host files on their server which you should take advantage of. (If you don’t have Pro, I would host files on Cloudfront or a Cloudflare-fronted server).

Let us know if there’s anything else we should clarify here, I do want to put together a better guide to webflow integration.

For testing responsive embedding this document might be helpful:
SizeDetector.hype.zip (55.2 KB)