WebApp or Native App?

Short time ago, it was useful to have native apps because of its performance over a webApp, but with today’s technology, its easier to have a webApp and make it to work available offline, without the installation space on the mobile’s drive, and without requesting the user to download the App in the AppStore or PlayStore. No more App updates! Its also possible Push Notifications with WebApps.
I just want to start a debate of ideas here.


I posted about this a while back…


Basically, Hype can be used as an alternative to the app store. The problem is that customers know that Apple’s App Store is place to go for iOS games and apps. It’s secure and easy. And for developers, Apple’s App Store is a great way to monetize content. It’s hard to run an online store, add DRM, create a brick-and-mortar retail presence, and other benefits of Apple’s App Store, while trying to create great games and apps.

I found out about Hype in the retail Apple store. There was a friendly person working there, who was really impressed by the software. Would I have found out about this software if not for Apple? I’m not sure, but it seems doubtful.