Web forwarding URL changes on page load


Hi peeps!

This is less of a Hype question and more of a ‘redirect’ url question. I’m quite inexperienced but I’m hoping some of the good will here would be able to help me out.

I’m using 123Reg for my domain name, and I’ve applied web forwarding to a site space we own. Thing is, when the forwarded domain name redirects, the url switches back to it’s original in the address bar.

Does anyone here use 123Reg or have an easy way of explaining how to keep the URL in the browser?

Any help much appreciated!

(Markus Bjerre) #2

Hi Ashley! Perhaps this might be of your interest:




Markus, thank you buddy!

I realised I was looking for ‘framed’ web forwarding. For some reason I was looking for ‘masked’. I’ve changed it now - so hopefully it will change! It was also in the temporary redirect as opposed to the permanent - which makes no sense to me!

But I’m sure it’s all simples somewhere down the line.

Thank you again. :smiley:

(Markus Bjerre) #4

No problem Ashley, I hope it will work! :slight_smile:


Ahhh, so it turns out it didn’t work :frowning:
Nevermind, I’ll look into this more later. We don’t have these sites hosted at 123 reg - only the domain. Maybe that’s the issue?

It’s a pain to get the website domain name to stick without swapping out for the old one.