We need help to create a responsive interactive landing page with videos

Hi, we would like to create a landing page for a product: When you come on the page, there is a welcome text with a button to start a introduction video.

At the end of the intro, several buttons appear at different places on top of the last frame of the video. Each button starts a new video. On the first layer, there are 6 buttons, each one leads to a different video sequence. 5 interaction lead to one more layer only. the 6th interaction lead to 2 more layers with 3 interactions on the 2nd level and from 1 to 4 interactions on each of the 3 levels. There is a button to come back at each layer. At the deepest layer, there is a button to jump on the other 2 layers.

We would produce all the video sequences, the icons for the buttons, and the background. Each sequence stops exactly there where the next sequence starts, so the user doesnt notice a new video is starting.

I hope it is clear, since my english is not the best ;-). I am a french guy living in germany...

If you have questions, please ask or teel me your price!



Hi Vinz, Interested in talking to you about this. Are you wanting this to be both mobile and desktop ready? I have been working on something like this for the last little while. It was hosted on my webpage, but I have removed it from the page for the time being - 28 BELLS VIDEO - nov 2020
I know it's not exactly what you are looking for, but it should give you an idea.

This next one has the buttons popping up if you click and drag up from the bottom of the screen. Spa from Ordinary


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Hi Steve, thank you for the reply. I have learnd a lot since I asked my question :slightly_smiling_face: It looks like the solution for what we want to do is into programming a player von scratch. I found some guys to get the job done.