We need an Tumult Hype "HTML offline reader" from you guys

Since “HTML Presenter” is not working properly and having products like Hype Reflect, I think that is a real need to have an app that acomplishes the same functionality but coming from you, Tumult.

I believe that in order to offer a complete lineup, you guys MUST develop something like that (And I really don’t care if it is a paid app).

If for some reason “HTML Presenter” stops working, I would have huge problems with most of my clientes because they uses the presentations on their iPads (Mostly salesforce)

Please, don’t think about it and just do it, we need it and you guys are an amazing company.

Thanks in advance.
Sebastián Rivera.

Is this what you’re looking for?

I need something more complex, Dropbox connected, maybe SFTP. Just like HTML Presenter, but I need something coming from a trusted developer like Tumult

is the percentage of hype users with this problem so high? 1, 10, 50, 80%? do you really need to write in this way?

I work only online with my clients, with a real online demo, or a temporary app (via x-code).

moreover if you use external resources ( it happen several times if you embedd your work) you need internet with a real browser. Hype Reflect is made for testing.

In order to create a solid lineup, I really believe they must… I think is a MUST.

I don’t see the big issue…

The “big issue” is resources… It is always easy to spend someone else’s money. :star_struck:

If You check out the Version History of Hype You will notice the last “X.0” release (v3) was in March of 2015 - over three years - and counting.

While your request for a “HTML offline reader” sounds interesting my vote would be for Tumult’s available resources be directed to v4.5 and beyond… which no doubt will have quite a wish list - what ever the feature set of “Hype v4”.

Note: I did a search for “HTML offline reader” and came up with a fair number of “HTML Presenter” competitors. I am not that familiar with this type of product - in your opinion why is “HTML Presenter” the only app worthy of consideration?

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I tried several but there is no quality out there… HTML Presenter used to be pretty good but not any more. And as I said before, I really believe that the Hype lineup/ecosystem could be complete with an app like that (something like Coda)

An offline reader is escential for those salesforces working outthere with interactive html5 content, and there is a lot of markets who shares that reality (Pharma in my case)

Anyways, that is my request, and it is nothing more than that… A request.

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it’s just a question of percentages and costs.
how many hype users need to do offline presentations, a real percentage that is at least 3% higher.
And how much money is needed to support the development of new functions used only by 3% of users. the tumult team also develops functions for 1% of users but need patience, it is a small company.

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I would like to add… you can make any page into a iOS “App” when saving the page to the Homescreen. Only downside all links open up in Safari again. But as Hype-Exports are single pages that shouldn’t be a problem. Also Hype offers a HTML5 type manifest. With some programming your App can run offline once it’s cached.

Hype is a versatile beast that can be used in so many ways that your way of using it is just one of them. So like with the supports for ads (exporter scripts) Tumult must see the value in this to grow it’s user base around the main program. Furthermore there are a lot of enterprise solutions out there (costly) that just already do the job of connecting HQ with field/sales agents. Assuming your willing to pay the buck (but then we are talking enterprise here)… I am more then certain that there is a solution waiting for those enterprise problems but that is a different topic.

Beyond that it really is a completely other app then Hype as your requesting a generic app that can connect to multiple hosts (cloud, ftp etc.) with many custom browser management settings (kiosk etc.). And if you think the app wouldn’t have to be so generic then your actually only requesting a solution that fits your single problem set (specific server backend, specific look of the kiosk).

And to end on a positive note… using something like the wrapper in the initial suggestion gives you a head start on a native app-wrapper you can develop with just those custom backend and caching requirements and apple even helps with the deployment: https://developer.apple.com/programs/volume/b2b/

Best regards

PS: Yes only a request but this a discussion forum and we (or at least I) love to discuss.

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Just wanted to chime in here as and share that we have a guide on this (app-free) process. I went through it and modernized the guide for new limits (50MB in iOS 11.3!)

There are definitely limitations, but the ‘web-app’ + cache.manifest system is pretty robust. Load once, and you have an offline app as long as you have it somewhere hosted on the web for that initial load (and any updates you might wish to make to it):


Thank you Daniel, but we also need to control who have each sales material. We face (very often) excuses like: “I don’t have the campaign”,“I could not download it” and so on…

I’been working for years on the pharmaceutical industry and about apps like this there are 2 paths to follow: 1.- The cheap, ugly and unestable 2.- The overpriced, ugly and overcomplex.

So, I really hope you guys consider it, and if you decide to do it, I would be glad to help.


Maybe nextcloud is something for you https://nextcloud.com
Made in Germany!

More complex is not necessarily better.

How isn’t Photics trustworthy?

Also, that’s why I made the “Wrapping” app. This is a feature that should be native to Hype – but they simply wouldn’t do it. Shocking!

What’s nice about the “Wrapping” app is that you get to see the code that is created. You then create your own app with Xcode. What could be more trustworthy than that?

Hey, nice post! That made me happy.

It seems like an ideal solution here. I’m not sure what the problem is. :man_shrugging:t2:

Thanks for the feedback! We’ve definitely received similar requests and it does make sense at the very least that Hype Reflect would have a method to cache documents, especially for users building prototypes that they want to share/show around the office easily.

While I can sometimes enjoy a lively discussion on what we should/shouldn’t do, ultimately we’re the ones with full perspective on what makes sense to implement and when to do it :slight_smile:. Hype users are a very diverse group with diverse needs, so from this angle I don’t think any requests are invalid to ask for. I encourage any constructive feedback, as well as positive responses which offer current workarounds. Thanks!

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Please, consider it.

I agree! A good rule of thumb is indirect speech and keeping it in a speculative sentence structure to avoid implying intimate knowledge of a Hype roadmap. I guess we all got triggered by the force fullness of the demand and our current longing for time well spent on a great 4.0 release … Hype Reflect as a portable app container that sounds really nice to show of prototypes! Although it still might not satisfy the needs of @febreroseis as he seams to need a central update server (dropbox etc.). Regards from Berlin°

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