Ways to read data or reference external text,xlm, etc and use within Hype project

I am new to using Hype but am quickly becoming a huge fan. One area I would like to learn more is are there any examples or recommendations on how best to read a data file and use its contents “text/numbers” to update Hype text fields or variables.

Patrick McLean

Welcome to the community.

There are some examples … just search for “fetch” or “JSON” on the forum. In general Hype provides a container for your JS code … meaning you will need to manage data distribution or even data binding yourself. But it is possible but requires a little code knowledge. The good thing is that the knowledge isn’t that Hype specific so what you learn applies to the general web, too.

I wrote some code that binds “dataset” keys to class names called Hype DataFill but that might be to advanced to start?! Either way… happy Hyping!

PS: “XMLHttpRequest” is the old school way.

Thank you for the ideas and references! PM