Way to to link/anchor objects?

So I’m trying to create an interactive metal “chain” in hype 3 that also responds to physics. More specifically, I want to be able to tie multiple objects together so that they’re all connected when responding to gravity. I also want to find a way to anchor objects to a certain point so that they respond to physics and can be interacted with, but hinge on one certain point.

Is there any type of javascript function or plugin that will allow me to do this?

Not natively in Hype … yet!

Matter.js might be something to look at as the Physics engine in Hype is closely related :wink:

Speaking of chains - just wait till v4 drops…

_Hype UnChained v4


Can you plugin or connect matter.js to hype somehow?

You can definitely use the Matter.js system within your Tumult Hype document, but the locations and behavior of elements won’t be possible to be shared between the physics world you create in Matter.js and the Physics world in Hype. This will be much different in Tumult Hype 4.