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(Trey Yancy) #1

I have a Hype-built web page. A group of large photos are designed to fade in when the page is loaded. As the page loads, this fade in runs for a few frames and then it starts over and completes. There are a number of scripts that load, as well as this group of large photos. I am wondering if the weird behavior is because the animation is trying to play before everything is loaded.

I originally put up a link but in order to get things moving out the door, I sidestepped the issue by delaying the fade up by 15 frames. Still curious about the hiccup, though.


Can’t really tell what’s going on unless I see it – can you confirm that the problem is a loop when you don’t want a loop? Can you see if this still happens when you remove the scripts from your document?

(Trey Yancy) #4

No difference if I remove the scripts.

Here’s a version with scripts removed and with the fade starting at frame 1:

Here’s a version with scripts but with a 1 second delay on the fade:

Here are the files (the fades are applied to the photo of each section):

(Andrew) #5

I have looked at both links, and I have downloaded the files, and in all examples I have not witnessed this skip back. Also, with the one that has scrips, onLayoutLoad, there is no script to run, it has ‘none’ in the action.

So I am a little confused how it is doing ?

(Trey Yancy) #6

the onLayoutLoad was “untitled” in the source document. I didn’t have time to do anything with it and forgot it was there.

I’m seeing the issue in both Safari and Firefox when I clear the cache and go to /index.html. There is a pause for a second, then it the brightness of the photos change slightly for a couple of frames, and then fades up. With other apps I would suspect this is an issue with loading order. It may be the same for Hype.