Vivus script doesn't load on DFP on a specific size

I have created a set of banner ads using the vivus script in Hype.
I am loading the banners in dfp and they work OK except for a specific size 728x90. I did a number of tests to work around the problem but nothing seems to work. Any idea?

Thanks in advance (257.6 KB)

Can you better describe what is not working, if there are any errors reported, and your flow to reproduce the problem so we can try ourselves? It’d be useful to know if this is only happening in DFP?

Yes that only happened when I uploaded it in dfp.
I mean the exported html from hype works OK but when I uploaded to dfp the vivus script did not load.

I messaged maxwellito from vivus and the solution was very simple. I’m reposting it.

Hi there,
I just tried your script and it seems working fine for me. I mean the animations where here and smooth.
_The only thing I could find problematic is the trigger. By default, Vivus starts the animation when the SVG is in the viewport. But in your case, you might want to start them automatically. If so I would recommend you to set the option start: ‘autostart’.

// Example
new Vivus ('blue', {
  type: 'async', 
  duration: 80,
  start: 'autostart'
}, myCallback);

You can see the list of options


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this article would be useful