Vivus animation + physics

I try to make an animation with vivus.js and hype. There are a lot of examples and templates in this forum.
Thank you all.
I have 2 questions (at the moment…)

  1. how can i duplicate or multiply a symbol or widget - vivus animation
  2. I add physics to the vivus symbol but i don’t fully works (as the grenn circle) (27.0 KB)

In the Resources Pane at the bottom you have a button to “Duplicate Symbol” or the Symbol Menu-> Make Duplicate Symbol.

Vivus won’t work on elements (shapes) created in Hype as they are not SVG’s.
The “rainbow” svg work’s even with Physics applied. In my test.

thx 4 reply

  1. sorry i meant the rainbow object, but the problem was, that the static object has to be in the same symbol

  2. If i duplicate a symbol with vivus, then the animation in the duplicated symbol doesnt work ( id problem?). Is there a way to clone objects with vivus ids? (24.2 KB)


have a look at this:

the vivus constructor will take any dom element …

so set a class or different ids to target those svgs

in result you’ll need a loop to initialize each new vivus