Viewport Scrolling


I recently updated to Mac OS Sierra and Hype 3.6.3. I do not know if it is related but I can no longer use mouse gesture scrolling in the main viewport. I can use it when scrolling through the scenes or the Inspectors but not the main workspace. One thing to note is that I can with a fresh new document??? Any suggestions?

Hi Frank @CuteGuineaStudio

Best thing to do is go to help->report and issue…

That way the team at Tumult can look at the doc and any log info to see what’s up.

I personally have the same Sierra (mine is 10.12.4) + 3.6.3 Hype setup and have not come across this problem. Even though I’ve probably just jinxed it.

OK. Thanks!

I reported the issue to Tumult last night. Thanks!

That’s very strange – I can reproduce this issue. The best workaround for now is to hold spacebar while clicking + dragging on the scene to move around your document. We’ll look into this to see what is the cause.

Hi Daniel. The suggestion is a HUGE help! I move the scene around all the time and it was driving me nuts. Thank you so much!

It appears that one of your JavaScripts might be blocking scrolling in your document. When I remove your JS functions added to your library, I can scroll as usual. You have several versions of jQuery loaded and many functions that look like duplicates?

What file did you remove?

I removed them all just to see if those were the issue, but you could remove one after the other to see what’s the root cause.

I just submitted an issue with the same problem. Removed a css file and the problem went away.