Viewing website in browser on mobile device then a message pops-up

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I’m creating a website with hype. On mobile devices like a smartphone and a tablet the website is best viewed in landscape view. My question is now, when a person is viewing the website in a browser on a smartphone or a tablet in portrait mode is it possible that a message pops up with a little text or an image with the notification that it is better to turn the device in landscape mode for best view and experience.

Thanks for the assistance

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you can do it with CSS

in this example the message is hidden through CSS with the style “display"none”.

this class will be visibile only in portrait view via MediaQuery ( the code below, in the symbol )

.portrait{ display: none !important; }

@media only screen 
and (orientation : portrait)  {
.portrait{ display: block !important; }

BTW: you must publish the example or use Hype Reflect. (110.6 KB)

Force landscape view on smaller screens
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I didn’t know that it is that easy.