View the scene as a preview in another scene

Can I view a scene as a preview in another scene?

Can you explain further to what your goal is?
And some more detail on your set up, i.e are these scenes in the same project etc..

Like @MarkHunte said, it'd be good to know more details of what you're trying to do.

If it is something like provide a clickable link to a different scene, where you can see what it is you are going to click on, then there's two basic techniques I'd probably use.

The first would be that you'd put all the contents of a destination in a Symbol. Then place an instance of that symbol on the source scene. You can use the transform scale/width controls to shrink it down and then in the actions inspector check "ignore all pointer events" so that stuff doesn't transfer through. You may then want to put it in a group that has click actions if you intend for it to jump to a scene. I'd also recommend making it a Persistent Symbol so that it uses less resources. Still, this is a resource-intensive way to achieve the desired effect! But it can often be neat as any animations will run in the preview.

So the second method is a little easier - take a screenshot of the scene and use the image. This would of course require manual updating if there are ever changes.

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