Videos Stopped Loading

Hi @Daniel

Is it just me or have all videos embedded on the site stopped working ?

I just checked in two browsers and on MacOS and iOS.

Two examples

When I look at the video elements on the page I can get the video file URL but the urls do not download and cannot be found.

Indeed. I’ve checked out other threads where I’ve embedded videos, as well as other posts that featured them… all blank.

Out of curiosity - let’s see what happens now… from a recent post (referenced above @MarkHunte).

Yep This one works.

I’ve reached out to our forum provider to see what’s up with this; thanks.

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They are working on the issue, but it may be a couple days before videos are restored.

I still see this on videos, ones that worked do not any more.

I’ve asked our forums provider about this. Apologies!


This should work now – let me know if you notice any other missing videos or images. We upgraded to a faster forums server since we were overheating our last one. Some files were stuck in the upgrade :stuck_out_tongue:


Will do, Thanks:smiley: