Video won't play in Safari

On a mac. I have a hype interactive with a video in one of the scenes. It plays when I preview it from hype (Command R) into Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. But when I upload it into my company’s content editor (Drupal) and go back to preview it on the site, it plays in Chrome and Firefox, but not in Safari. I just get a black screen with the controls. I have included all three video types in the hype project and am not using autoplay. Any hunches about what is causing problems with Safari?

I would look in the web developer console for error messages about it. They should say why it isn’t loading.

The two likely culprits would be:

  • If you are using different video sources then the one for Safari may not have been uploaded properly
  • A security content policy issue (like HTTP vs HTTPS type of thing)

Anything beyond that shot in the dark would probably require seeing how your video is setup in the .hype document and ideally also seeing the server!

Thank you. You’re right. It probably needs to be looked at by the folks who set up the loading-to-web processes, because it plays correctly util that stage.