Video Tutorial: Synchronize your assets between Sketch and Hype

This video shows how to update your Hype animation when you make changes to your Sketch designs. It demonstrates slice exporting (layers, groups, and symbols), dartboards, custom CSS exporting, and some basic workflow tips:

To see how a design team works between Hype and Sketch, watch this presentation by Mathew Weldon from August and UX designer Leslie Mathews:

For an even deeper dive into this topic, Pablo Stanley, who created the NamaSketch project in Hype, talks about working between Sketch and Hype:

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Hello Tumult,

any update on generating an import Module for the Sketch.App? We are working a lot with Sketch at the moment and it would be nice if we would import it directly with an button.

I would also be nice if Hype would end up on this list and can integrate the Name Sketch on your own Website for popularity sake.

Just a thought and feature wish.


There are no updates to share at this time, but we love Sketch and definitely agree this would be a great feature.

I added a couple new videos to show how others use Sketch and Hype together. :framed_picture:

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