Video track properties preview not showing

I’ve inserted an mp4 video into an existing document and for some reason the preview in the video track will not show in the properties. I inserted the same video file in a new document and the preview works. However, I’ve have already built out my original file. I just need to sync up the video with some of the animations but I can’t seem to get the preview to work. Does anyone have a fix for this?

Are you referring to the properties in the Inspector Panel? If so, these should appear in the Elements tab.

If you’re referring to the visual track showing up, there’s a few reasons it may not be actively showing:

  • You are not viewing the main timeline, and it will only display on the main timeline
  • You configured the properties list to not show “Animated” and aren’t manually choosing “Video Track”
  • Perhaps the start time has been moved out to a point you just don’t see it?

If none of these are the issue, feel free to attach a zip of your document for more specific advice.

Do note that including video in Hype doesn’t allow for precise synchronization with a timeline, as videos have their own loading/starting that won’t hold up animations. There are some techniques on the forums that use code to try to better synchronize.

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t I know it only shows on the main time-line.

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Long ago the track would appear on the timeline that was shown at the time the video was added, but we found that caused a lot of confusion since autoplay wouldn’t work as expected. So now as videos can autoplay and the main timeline autoplays, Hype will always and only show it on the Main Timeline. (There’s definitely good requests in there to allow more flexibility with this and playback overall!). Of course autoplaying is now a bit harder since the video must be muted or not have an audio track in most browsers.