"Video Track" in Properties panel

When there’s a video on the canvas, a “Video Track” row appears in the Properties panel. Here you can basically see the span of the video as it relates to the timeline.

You can also add keyframes to this row. Do these do anything? Or are they just holdovers from this row being in the Properties panel?

They don’t do anything, you’re right.

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The keyframes are not completely useless. You can trigger actions in the video track using keyframes. For instance (using JavaScript) if a user does a “mouse over” or “mouse click” on the video track during a given time period you could reveal graphics to match the timing, and “mouse out” (or whatever) to hide the graphics… or “Mouse Click” on the track to jump to another scene, etc., etc.

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@JimScott He’s referring to the keyframes on the actual video track and they don’t have an option to add any actions. I think you are referring to the timeline actions where indeed you are right in that you can add actions that sync up with the video being played.

Side Note Be careful with sync problems when doing this as the time taken to load (or pre-load) the video in real world may cause a delay at the start which will throw the timing off. There are plenty of posts on syncing video with animations here on the forum.

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@DBear, @JimScott Thank you. I should have included a screen shot initially to be more clear.

I am referring to the keyframes you can add to the “Video Track” row as illustrated in the above image.

Is there any way to reference these keyframes programmatically? I haven’t seen anything in the documentation or online.

I’m trying to create break points in the video and I’d rather tie them to the actual video timeline rather than the document timeline because of the possible sync issues @DBear mentioned. I know how to do it entirely in Javascript, but I was hoping for a simpler solution within the context of hype. I realize it may not be possible, so thank you for your help!

The video track (at the moment) is a kind of visual to help sync with actions in the timeline. So, at the moment there is no way to stop and continue or manipulate the video using the keyframes. You would have to do it via functions (and as you say, you already have experience in that)