Video Titles with Hype's Export to Video Feature

You might not have realized that Hype exports MP4 video alongside good ol’ HTML5. We took advantage of this when creating introductory titles for videos on our new site: &

Here’s an example Tumult Hype document that we used to create titles:

Intro (5.6 MB)

We set our dimensions for our videos to be a nice 3840 x 2160, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t go 4K or 5k for your documents. Just adjust the Scene Size:

Currently, Hype exports 30fps, so to get 60 or 120fps, simply slow down your animation by half (or 4) and then speed up your video in another video editor tool.

This video explains how to export to video or animated GIF:

We used Hype to create all of our video titles for videos explaining Pro features. Below is the Physics video: