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We have a bit of debate on my team regarding the ogg/ogv video format. The argument of some guys at the tech team is that they do not recommend to convert the videos to ogg/ogv because it would only be necessary for Firefox 3.0 based browsers, and that’s a bit old for nowadays browser standards. Besides this the video quality is poor compared with mp4 or Webm.

Let’s see if I can formulate the question in a right way. How Hype will “serve” the videos? I mean, will it check for compatibility and serve mp4 or webm, and if the browser is too old, then serve the ogv version? I mean, if we convert all the videos to ogv too… Will a modern Firefox version use the ogv directly or will it serve the mp4 first? Is there a preference to play one format or the other for browsers that can play more than one format? We do not want a modern Firefox browser to display a lesser quality ogv video if it can play a mp4…

Any insigth regarding this? Thanks in advance guys!

HTML5 video was such a problem before. There were a lot of formats to juggle. But now, I just use MP4 for video and WebVTT for captions.

MP4 -
WebVTT -

Basically, all the major modern browsers support MP4 videos. By supporting older browsers, you’re not really helping anyone but hackers. I feel that web developers have a responsibility to encourage visitors to upgrade.

Here’s a quick page I put up to test:

What Hype does is add each format to the video’s source list. Browsers will choose the first video it can play, and then play it. Here’s what Hype outputs:

<video class="HYPE_element" id="hype-obj-JZKguWHQkeoCohmZ" mute="false" controls="" autoplay="" style="pointer-events: auto; position: absolute; overflow: visible; z-index: 1; width: 564px; height: 284px; top: 70px; left: 16px;"><source src="" type="video/mp4"><source src="" type="video/ogg"><source src="" type="video/webm"></video>

Modern Firefox will play the MP4, since we put the MP4 higher in the source list. Ancient Firefox will see the MP4, skip it, and play the OGV.

All the browsers on my machine choose the MP4, but I’m a habitual upgrader. Here’s how to get higher quality OGV videos:

Thanks guys!
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@Daniel & @jonathan – Hype video settings should also allow for WebVTT files. Hype does have accessibility features, but that feature doesn’t expand to Video. Captions are pretty important for organizations that require 508 compliance. It’s also pretty easy to add too. It’s just a line of code to add a WebVTT file. (Well, more lines of code for multiple languages, but it’s basically the same line of code.)

<track kind="subtitles" src="${resourcesFolderName}/captions-file.vtt" srclang="en" label="English">
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