Video only at main timeline?


I want to control my video on a sub timeline. So I imported my video and made it visible on the sub timeline.
Unfortunately, the individual images are only shown on the main timeline. So editing is more difficult and it also doesn't seem to be possible to run the video backwards.
Do these functions only work on the main timeline?

a video plays independently from timelines and no possible controls, no backwards play ...

Thanks. I'll look for another solution.

And what about the sequence on the timeline? The video sequence is displayed on the main timeline (as an image sequence). And you can scroll in the timeline. In the sub timeline, unfortunately, only the object "video" is shown and you can not visually see how long the video is running. Why is this only possible on the main timeline?

Not sure what the aim of the Userinterface is here, but if you're willing to control the video somehow the only solution is to script it yourself ...

When you put a video on the main timeline,
you can see from the video strip how long the video is running, for example, to let an element appear after the video ends. Unfortunately, this video strip is only displayed on the main timeline.

It is correct that videos will only autoplay on the main timeline, based on the start position of the video track visualization in the timeline area.

Older versions of Hype used to put this autoplay track on whatever timeline was selected when the video was added, but this led to a lot of confusion since it wasn't clear. As there is no UI to change the timeline for this, the easier route was to just always put the autoplay track on the main timeline. I consider it a missing feature in Hype that you cannot choose which timeline autoplays the video (and added this thread as a +1 in our feature tracker).

Video elements are more controlled by the browser and so aren't under direct timeline influence since browser video playback doesn't have enough precision to properly sync with Hype's animation timelines. About the best you can do is hope to start and stop roughly at the same time. That said, folks have had some basic (albeit not precise) success with video<->timeline synchronization... I think you'd be able to find some results searching the forums.

If you just need to kick off a video when you start another timeline, the easiest route is with a little code. The basic steps are:

  1. In the Identity Inspector, add an Unique Element ID for your video element. I'll call mine "myvideo"
  2. In the Element Inspector, make sure Autoplay is unchecked. You may want Inline/Muted to be checked if the timeline isn't being kicked off immediately with a user action.
  3. On the timeline you want it played with, add a Timeline Action to Run JavaScript… with code like:
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