Video not Playing on iOS

(Matt) #1

I’ve researched the forum quite a bit but I’m having trouble with this.

I have a video .mp4 file that loads in iOS, displays a play icon but does not play on touch. Works fine in browser.

I’m sure I’m missing something basic.

What can I look for…?

iFrame Formatting Help

Do you have anything covering the video?

Unless I see it I can’t really help. Maybe the encoding profile is wrong (too high) for iOS.

Also check the dimensions.


(Matt) #3

For the encoding I used HTTP Live Streaming Wi-Fi high setting on Compressor.

Nothing is covering it. File is here. The video is on scene (2.8 MB)

Thank you!

(Matt) #4

None of my videos are playing and I have them all over the place. The Hype material is embedded in an iFrame if that makes any difference.


In your Hype document, one of your videos is a .m4v file, which might be causing the issue (melodyMov4.mv4).

I’m able to play both melodyMov4.mp4 and melodyMov4.mv4 on a scene when I preview it in Mobile Safari.

Which video is not loading for you and what iOS version are your testing in? Are you loading it from a server?


I also have tested in iOS Safari and both videos play fine.

Is it the same for you, Matt. Or is it not playing when embedded in an iframe? Also what and where are you testing it on?


(Matt) #7

Thanks Daniel.

I’m able to get it to play in the testing environment also but not on my site. I’m embedding the Hype material in an iframe with some styling to get it formatted correctly in iOS. It looks like this:

Could this be causing the problem?

(Matt) #8

When I test it using Reflect is also plays fine. But it does not play on my site.

I do have it in an iframe with some wacky styling to get it to be responsive:

<iframe style="width: 1px; min-width: 100%; height: 100%;" src="" width="100%" height="100%"></iframe>

I’m testing it on an iPad mini running the latest iOS

UPDATE: when I load the site not in the iframe it does play as expected. I really need to have this iFrame be responsive and so far this whacky code is only way I can make it work. Does anyone have any insight on how to restructure my HTML to make it functional?


It would be great if you could share more info about your document, where you’re hosting it, and how you’re embedding it off the bat.

My guess is that the iPad is having issues playing a video nested within an iframe, or the responsive iframe you’re using is causing issues with the play button target on the video itself. There might also be an issue with loading content over https if you’re embedding on a different domain. Where are you embedding this?

(Matt) #10

Thanks Dan.

My site where I’m placing the iframe is so I think both are loading over https…is that right?

I also just changed the iFrame to a plain old iframe like: <iframe height="100% width="100%"src="</iframe> and the video did not play.

Thank you!


That site requires a login

(Matt) #12

yes. I’ll send you a PM

(Mark Hunte) #13

I placed it on a test area on my site and it all seems to play ok on my iPad. & on IPhone